Local South Coast Lobster

19th May 2015

We take the provenance of our ingredients and ethics of our suppliers very seriously and are lucky to have a number of high quality producers, farmers and fisherman in the local area. A great example of this is Langford Lobsters, situated just a few miles away on the coast at Selsey near Chichester. As the name implies we source our lobster directly from this family business who fish from their 24ft dayboat.

Selsey lobster is said to have a sweeter flavour than other types sold in the UK. They are also caught using a specially designed "parlour pot" which has an escape hatch allowing immature and undersized lobsters to escape.

Selsey lobster features on our menu at various times throughout the year prepared in a number of ways to ensure the delicate flavour and textures can be fully appreciated.  Our current a la carte menu  offers a starter of lobster salad with "Petit Pois Carrot", baked pastilla & pea sorbet and is proving very popular.

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